It’s ok to not be ok.


Humbolt Broncos

On April 6, 2018, Canadians across the country were heartbroken to hear of the devastating Humboldt Broncos bus crash, which took the lives of 16 members of the Junior A hockey team and injured 13 others.

Tyler Smith was among the survivors. He suffered eight different injuries, went through two surgeries and spent 13 days in hospital. But for Tyler, the physical injuries will never compare to the mental health struggles he continues to face each and every day as a result of that horrific day.

Two years after the accident that changed his life forever, Tyler is opening up about his story in an effort to let other men who might be suffering know that it’s ok to not be ok:

“My overall message would be to realize that you’re not ok and if you’re not ok, do something about it. I think a lot of people just suffer in silence but being able to open up takes a lot of courage.”

Tyler Smith
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