It’s a Great Day to be a Bronco


April 6, 2018 changed the lives of 29 families, broke the collective hearts of a community and united the the entire hockey world. That fateful day also changed the path of my own life and has continued to bless me with friendships, memories and countless magical moments. In November of 2018 I was given a very special gift by Jacob Wassermann and Ryan Straschnitzki, a gift that becomes more special every time I visit Humboldt. I own a lot of hockey jerseys, but my cherished Humboldt sweater is the only one that includes signatures. Not just any autograph, very meaningful autographs. There are 13 survivors of thar horrific crash and I am blessed to have the names of 10 of those extraordinary young men on my cherished jersey. Perhaps the most powerful name was added this weekend when Morgan Gobeil contributed his name. Morgan suffered a traumatic brain injury in the crash and continues his slow and arduous road to recovery. I was emotional, and proud as Morgan struggled to add his name to the important garment. This young man’s drive and determination was on full display as his hand shook, but #24 was not going to be denied the opportunity to once again join his Bronco brothers.

Lots of amazing shots were taken over the weekend with my favorite being when Pam Cameron captured this powerful moment with Morgan. Shortly thereafter another priceless picture was snapped as I joined my dear friend Jared Bednar as we posed with the Stanley Cup surrounded by seven of the of those incredible young men.

I cannot thank the Humboldt families enough for accepting me into their lives. I am immensely proud, honored and humbled every time I am welcomed into the hearts and homes of these amazing families.

It’s truly a great day to be a Bronco.

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