How in the World Did This Happen!


A pregame brew and pizza turned into yet another “no coincidences” moment! I wasn’t planning on going to game 1 until a call from NHL legend Pat Lafontaine on Monday. Pat knew tickets were a super hot commodity, but reached out on a prayer and the off chance that I might be able to pull off a little “Cappy” magic and take his nephew (Kieran) to the game. Well thanks to the kind hearted Josh Suter we were in for the suite life for the Stanley Cup Finals!

But here’s the “no coincidences” part. Although they had never met, I invited my pal Brett Henning to join us for a pregame beer and pizza at the Ritual Social House (best pizza in Denver). Brett’s dad, Lorne, who won four cups with the Isles actually introduced Pat Lafontaine to Mary Beth Hoey, Kieran’s aunt and Pat’s bride of 34 years! But it gets better, Mary Beth was next door neighbors to the Henning’s on Long Island and was even Brett’s babysitter!!! And the icing on the cake was when Pat texted me to ask Kieran and Brett their respective middle names. Both replied “Edward” and we were all blown when they realized they both named after the same man, the late, great Edward Hoey, Pat’s father in law!

And of course a team signed Islanders jersey just happened to show up at the office yesterday!! All of this led to another amazing night of hockey with the Avs winning in spectacular fashion!!

And yes, I’m going to write that book some day, and it’s going to be titled, “No Coincidences”!!!

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