Hockey Really Does Heal


The first time I met Nathan Abelein he needed a walker and constant oxygen just to travel short distances. During the darkest days his Merrelyn had been summoned not once, not twice , but three times to the hospital to say “goodbye” as the doctors didn’t think Nathan would make it through the night. Well he did make it but was discouraged that he may never play the game that he loves with all his heart.
Hockey has been a huge part of Nathan’s life for as long as he can remember and it appeared that the COVID that nearly took his life had taken his passion. But that’s before he met the crew that we call “Hockey Heals”!
It’s been a long journey with a few peaks and valleys, but I can honestly say that “Nate the Great” is back! This week I was wowed as I witnessed my friend navigate the APEX ice. Passing, shooting , scoring, smiling, and most importantly, breathing normally! It was a beautiful sight.
Here’s to second chances! It’s the Dawg way!


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