Hanna Gootee


Hanna, Cancer and DAWG Nation

Hanna has recently joined the team, and now helps DAWG Nation every day in our pursuit to touch as many hockey families as possible!!!  Welcome Hanna! The future is bright!

Hanna’s energy and love for life is contagious. She has the ability to spread joy wherever she goes and find the beauty in every moment. Her compassion for others, her spirit for adventure and her wonderful personality makes her an easy person to love and care for. Hanna’s love for hockey goes back before she could walk where she learned to skate on a homemade rink in her backyard in Hampton, New Hampshire. Hanna went on to play for Boston University on the Women’s Club Hockey team.

Hanna was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer on September 22, 2021 and underwent a complete Thyroidectomy.  In typical Hanna fashion, she didn’t let this diagnosis interfere with her dreams. Much to her doctor’s dismay, she left her post-op appointment and drove straight to Eagle, CO in November of 2021. 

As if one battle wasn’t enough, the next six months would bring additional challenges including the diagnosis of two autoimmune diseases as well as a genetic mutation associated with rapid cancer growth and spread. Additionally, during the survivor game, Hanna suffered from a torn rotator cuff after a fall. These diagnoses have accrued significant challenges including substantial medical costs that have only just begun as she continues her fight against Cancer.

Hanna is currently undergoing treatment through the Mayo clinic and balancing many medical appointments while trying to live life like a normal 25 year old. Like anyone going through treatment, she has some very tough days but if you learn anything from Hanna, you’ll learn to find the rainbow after the rain, slow down and enjoy the little things, and love deeply.



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