Go Spurs!


Just when I thought it was over, I got one of the coolest birthday gifts ever! My dear friend, Dave Carr surprised me this morning with this epic Denver Spurs jersey! Honestly already my all-time favorite hockey sweater!!

My very first live hockey game was the Denver Spurs vs the Salt Lake City Golden Eagles in 1973. I was absolutely obsessed with the Spurs and would listen to all their games on my transistor radio. Spurs games weren’t on TV, but I still knew all the players and had created images in my mind of my heroes on skates. That game had such an impact that I still remember where I sat, the score of the game, the smell of the arena and that I was in absolute heaven that night.

As Dave handed me the jersey today, I instantly thought of my dad and that magical night that helped shape my life. I miss my pops every day, but just a little bit more today.

Thank you David Carr, you are an amazing friend.

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