Giving Back to Shannon Lusso


Support after an unexpected injury.

Check Presentation Shannon Lusso

Shannon Lusso was dancing at a club one evening and was hit by an out of control patron. When he struck her, she fell to the ground hitting her head knocking her unconscious. She was taken to a hospital by ambulance and they determined she had a minor fracture of the skull and a brain bleed. Her subsequent non-insured hospital stay resulted in astronomical medical bills. While Shannon has returned to full health, her finances have incurred a significant substantial strain. Because her assailant was never apprehended, she has no hope of seeking restitution from the person who caused her injuries.

DAWG Nation became aware of Shannon’s situation and we are proud to help. At DAWG Bowl III in June 2103, she became our first woman recipient, when we were able to present her with a check for $5000.

Shannon currently plays in the WACH league and is an active ambassador for the sport of hockey.

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