Giving Back to Gabriel Acuna


Help with astronomical medical bills.

Gabriel is the son of Chris and Debbie Acuna- Chris plays on one of our many teams in DAWG Nation. Gabriel was born in 2011, and has required several surgeries to help correct problems with his legs and feet. The medical bills have been astronomical, but DAWG Nation has been there to help put a dent in those costs.

Last June, during our hockey tourney called DAWG Bowl II, we were able to stage an extra fund raiser called “Goals for Gabriel”. Teams pledged to contribute money for each goals their team scored, and between that and a big grant from DAWG Nation, we were able to proudly present the Acunas with a check for over $15,000.

Gabriel has had another surgery since that tourney, but he is on the right track to being able to live a normal life. DAWG Nation wishes him and the entire Acuna family well as he continues on his path to good health.

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