Giving Back to David Wood


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Help with medical expenses.

Despite being only 26 years old David knows a thing or two about illness, as he’s lived with a chronic disease since he was 12. After a long search and many doctors and tests he has only recently received the correct diagnosis of chronic Lyme disease, and is now undergoing treatments that have included 4 weeks of chemo therapy.

A fighter, and with an amazing attitude, he has endeavored to remain a part of the hockey community, even playing in a league with his dad when his health would allow. (His dad has recently taken a hiatus from the game they both love, until he can return to the ice with David there to join him.)

While the road before him is a long and costly one, DAWG Nation and FCPHL have coordinated efforts to help make the journey a little easier. With the support of many and his own positive attitude he is slowly getting his life back and looking forward to a future bright with possibility.

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