Giving Back to David Jacober


David Jacober is no average hockey fan. Growing up in St Louis, David is the son of legendary St Louis sports broadcaster Ron Jacober, and has literally been a St Louis Blues fan his entire life. After serving his country, David settled In Pueblo, Colorado and began a long career in law enforcement. Things were pretty normal until life threw the Jacober’s a major curve ball in January of this year. That is when David was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. This was around the same time the Blues found themselves in dead last in the NHL standings and appeared to have zero shot at the Cup.

A couple of David’s co-workers reached out to DAWG Nation in February and we were able to help with a very special day that included meeting David’s favorite player, Vladimir Tarasenko. Since then David has kept in close contact with the DAWG Father and last night Cappy joined DN’s Greg Clinard and made the two hour trek to watch the game at the Jacober home. As the clock ticked down on this historic night, tears rolled down David’s face as he clutched the hand of his son and best friend, Cameron. The Jacober living room erupted as the last seconds ticked away and an emotional David said. “it’s almost like I’m numb, I completely forgot my illness for the last 60 minutes”.

You can meet David at next week’s DAWG Bowl as he’ll be dropping the puck at this year’s Survivor Game.

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