Giving Back to Cody Beekman


Help with accessibility and rehabilitation expenses.

Recently, DAWG Nation discovered that previous recipient, Cody Beekman, needed help to continue his rehabilitation at the Spinal Cord Injury Center.

Cody Beekman is everything that DAWG Nation is all about. On Halloween in 2011, Cody’s car was struck by a drunk driver, and he was paralyzed from the chest down. When we got word of this, and got to know Cody and the Beekman family, we knew we had to jump in and help.

In our most labor intensive project yet, we were able to build two ramps, a bathroom, a new doorway, and a hardwood floor at Cody’s house. Also, we helped the Beekmans buy a handicapped accessible van, and help Cody with his medical bills and rehab costs. Cody has already made terrific progress, and we can’t wait for the day when he’ll regain the mobility he’s working so hard to achieve. He now is a permanent member of DAWG Nation, and we’ll be with him through his entire journey.

On June 19, 2015, DAWG Nation was pleased to present Cody with a check for $24,000

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