Giving Back to Chuck Zachrich


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A tragic accident.

Chuck “Zac” Zachrich is long time Colorado hockey player and an all around great guy. This past July, Zac suffered a severe head injury when as a result of bicycle accident in Castle Rock. Zac was airlifted to Sky Ridge Hospital where he remained there in ICU for five days with a fractured skull, severe concussion and badly damaged right thumb.

Zac is now on the mend but still has a long road ahead.

Thank you all for the great pics from yesterday. This gem came from long time DAWG Nation supporter Shawn Miller. A HUGE thank you to the Avs for putting on a fabulous event and once again choosing us as their charity of choice. Also thank you to everyone that made the time to come out yesterday! The Zachrich family was emotional, surprised, stunned, and grateful for support of the hockey community.

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