Giving Back to Christina


Easing the burden of continuing medical expenses.

Christina Montoya is an active member of the DAWG Nation Hockey Foundation “Survivor” Community. She began playing in the Survivor Game in 2012 and is always eager to participate every year. Christina exemplifies the words “Inspiration” and “Grace”. She is always willing to share her experiences and offer support and encouragement to her fellow teammates. She has won many health battles including cancer, and always faces her challenges with courage and determination.

Unfortunately her medical issues are not over. Over the years, Christina has battled a severe thyroid condition (Hashimoto’s Disease), and tumors in her liver. As we all know, insurance only covers so much. DAWG Nation Hockey Foundation, along with contributions from her friends, family, teammates, and the hockey community at large have come together and raised $12,487.

We hope this financial assistance will ease some of her burden and allow her time to focus on her health and recovery.

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