Giving Back to Brian “Opie” Wassberg


Opie check

Help with uncovered medical expenses.

Brian Wassberg, affectionately known as “Opie” in the hockey community, has been playing goalie for over 40 years in numerous hockey leagues including the Edge Old Time Hockey League (EOHL) at The Edge Ice Arena. The years playing goalie have taken their toll, and Opie recently had both knees surgically replaced.

Opie has financial needs due to time off from work, physical therapy requirements, ice machine costs, co-pays for prescriptions and other deductibles, Physician assistant costs not covered by insurance, and medical equipment costs. In addition to those needs, Opie developed complications after his surgeries which put him in the hospital for another 12 days.

DAWG Nation teamed up with all of Opie’s friends in the EOHL in a fundraising effort to help out Opie, and DAWG Nation was pleased to present him and his wife Lori a check for $6185 on April 14, 2016 at the Edge Ice Arena.

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