Giving Back to Andy Gerrie


Help with ongoing medical expenses.

Andy has one of the longest tenures with DAWG Nation- he has been with the organization for the past seven years. He skates at forward on DAWGs II, and has played a key role on four different championship squads. In fact, he is the DAWGs’ all time leading playoff scorer, and has come through in the clutch in many postseason games.

Three years ago, Andy was diagnosed with colon cancer. After surgery, and six grueling months of chemotherapy, he was back playing at full strength, and hoped that all of the illness was behind him. In recent months, there were signs that the cancer reappeared, but Andy has fought it off once again. As always, he knows no matter how many times he has to battle, every member of DAWG Nation will be right there with him, helping him beat the disease.

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