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First Shipment of Thowback Jerseys Have Arrived

We are excited to have recieved the first round of Throw Back jerseys. Gabe Gauthier, Cappy and Smalls modeled the new arrivals. These are the original DAWG jerseys from the very inception of DAWG Nation Hockey Foundation. The JK on the jersey is a significant reminder of the beginnings of DAWG Nation, when the original DAWGs team lost their teammate and friend, Jack Kelly.

Get Yours Now in the Second Round

Have you gotten your official DAWG sweater yet? Time is running out on this limited time offer to become part of the pack with your own bad ass retro DAWGS sweater! These are fully customizable, so you can rep your favorite DAWG or create your own! Imagine being at an Avs game and seeing hundreds of DAWGS sprinkled throughout the crowd, what a sight that would be! Simply click the link below and you can show everyone that you support the cause!

Bulk Order Goes in Next Week

Order goes in about April 21 and all orders will be shipped to our office here in Littleton unless other arrangements are made. Jersey production will take about a month, so we are expecting arrival around early June.

Order Here
The Throwback Jersey is the one Marty is wearing on the right!

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