Full Circle


It was a fantastic night at Ball Arena as we celebrated birthdays and incredible stories of overcoming! What started as a date night with my Cindy turned into so much more!!!

Hanging out with Kyle, Tony, Eli, Brandon, and others was beyond amazing, but what took the cake was another no coincidences moment.

As Milan “Hedgie” Hejduk was talking to a young man named Kolby Donovan it became apparent the two had met nearly 20 years ago. That was when Milan was starring for the Avs and Kolby was a toddler battling cancer! Fast forward to today and Kolby is thriving at Grand Canyon University and Milan is helping me change lives! Kolby was all smiles and will be joining us on Wednesday for our weekly Hockey Heals skate, and who knows, maybe one of his childhood hero’s might be on the ice right beside him!

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