A Friendship Post by Kathie Kelly with Heather Karas


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Two years ago I (Kathie) had the honor of dropping the ceremonial puck before the Survivors Game at the DAWG Bowl in honor of my late husband Jack.  After I was done, Marty took me over to meet Heather Karas who unfortunately had also lost her husband, Jeff, to illness.

We found that we had so much in common.

Marty thought we should meet.  We really didn’t see each other again until this year’s DAWG Bowl where we really got a chance to talk.  Since then, we have had many phone chats and a couple of dinners out.  We found that we had so much in common.  We had both lost our beloved JK’s way too early.  Both of our guys were hockey players, college soccer players, and fly fishermen.  Our birthdays are hours apart.  Jeff passed from a form of Leukemia – CLL, which I also, coincidentally, lost my father to.  My youngest daughter and her twins were the same age when they lost their fathers (15 yrs old).  We have also recently found that we have very close friends in common.

I (Heather) also had the honor of dropping the ceremonial puck last year and have had the pleasure of PLAYING hockey in the DAWG Bowl for the last 3 years. I feel blessed to have Kathie and her wisdom to help me through my journey.

Thanks DAWG Nation!

Most of all, WE are two young ladies (!) who unfortunately, have found ourselves in a similar situation and now have someone new to laugh with, share feelings and ideas with and on a rare occasion, tears with……  Thanks DAWG Nation for helping us when we needed you most and for bringing us together to enjoy a very special friendship!!!  We are honored to be a part of the DAWG Nation Family!!

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