Fear is Stress Wrapped in Ugly


The Importance of Mentality

There are a few specific questions I get when someone seeks my opinion on health. Of these, there is one matter I hold sacred above all else. For that reason, my first blog (that I knew would be a blog,) will be about the item I believe crucial to a healthy existence.

For the better part of my life, all of it really, I have been equal parts stress, and thinking too much. If I were a cake, these would be the major ingredients (sprinkle in sexy and hilarious, and that’s me!)

The item I believe paramount to health is– Exceptional mental fortitude. I’m not a doctor and these words have not been approved by anyone. I’ve asked people who have healed how they did it and in every instance, nothing was accomplished until the mind got right. Here’s a taste of what I have gathered through experience and commonality.


Suppose you get a muscle cramp. You stretch it out, it feels better. Subconsciously, you know that the slightest tweak could bring the cramp right back. For many, they feel there’s a soundtrack chaperoning the events of their lives. Not this guy! I have a narrator, similar to the role Morgan Freeman often plays, but way more annoying.

I can take a simple thought, weaponize it, and ruin my day…

Narration is the tweak that can trigger a problem out of nothing. It’s an ever-present hum in my mind. If my brain had a shin, narration is the brother kicking my brain-shin! The battle that goes on between what has happened, and what may happen is called fear. Fear is stress wrapped in ugly.

For Example:

On occasion, I have issues with being able to expel something that may sneak down the wrong pipe. (This isn’t a new problem, trouble getting it out is.) If I suspect this event could occur soon, I have the power to incite a mental riot until it’s necessary to take equally deft measures to calm myself down.

I can take a simple thought, weaoponize it, and ruin my day, if not the days of all around me.   This is my definition of silly and deprivation of others happiness is my biggest pet peeve.

What is your point Sean?

Now, let me arrive at my point. I have discovered that what is bad for you is bad for me, but multiplied by the speed of light it seems. (You do not want to get me started on antibiotics!)

I discovered how powerful stress can be (its the second largest factor that drives my disease, and many others!) So, I devined how to be less stressed, and since then have been able to drastically slow down the rate at which ALS controls my body.

That is energy theft!…

Ponder for yourself how much energy it takes to be stressed, mad, and afraid. This is energy theft! And the culprit stares at you in the mirror. This energy is better utilized being loving, happy, and let’s face it, not stressed.

Still Waiting on the Point…

This is the thesis– Mental health is as, or more important (if you ask me,)  as physical health. I will say this about my level of certainty regarding this: I am not unsure… (kudos if you understand this reference.)  It may sound obvious, but do you ever truly think in these terms?

As with anything vital, it’s not easy. It took me three years to even begin to understand this. Frequently, I lose grasp of this concept. However, mentally I am a ray of sunshine compared to two years ago, and I would like all of you to be as happy with everyday as I have learned to be!

Please, when you feel stressed out, angry, mad, spiteful, hungry, stressed out, and most importantly, stressed out– remember the stranger with ALS in the weird blog. Remember that it’s a choice to be fearful, to hate something, to worry about the future.

You have the power to change your mentality. DO NOT wait until your body is taking your life hostage! I did just that because I’m stubborn, and a little lazy if I’m honest.

Thank You DAWGs!

Since I didn’t get to it in my inaugural blog, I want to take time to thank everyone at DAWG Nation for affording me a corner of their website to vocalize my point of view. There are not many in my position that are handed this forum. I will do my best to utilize it wisely! A very special thanks to Martin Richardson for really making this happen!

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