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Drew Moon



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Indian Hills, CO 80454

Nominating: Drew Moon is the epitome of Dawg Nation. He was played a large role in the hosting of July 22’s charity game in Steamboat Springs, raising funds for  young Wilder Hagen and his family.

Unfortunately, Drew was involved in a head-on collision a couple months ago. He is currently working with the insurance companies, as he is in need of a procedure to fuse his C6 and C7 vertebrate together. His Doctors decided on this course of actionbecause of the active lifestyle Drew leads with his wife and three kids. Drew was told that, had he not made a last-minute swerve toward the ditch in an attempt to avoid the oncoming car, the family in the other vehicle may not be here today. Thankfully, despite various injuries, everyone involved in the incident is still here today. His 3500-diesel truck was also totaled in the process. 

Drew is one of the most selfless individuals you’ll ever meet. He runs his own mechanics shop, and has
always found a way to give back to his local communities.

 He grew up playing, and loving, the game of hockey. He transitioned into coaching at a young age, and only stepped away for a piece of time to start
his family. From all accounts, he is happy to step back into the coaching world when the time comes.  Drew would be the first to say no to help, as he is a kind soul always looking out for others. But his insurance is being tested, and neck surgeries are not cheap.

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