Giving Back to Zach Vaughn


A Hawk Needs Help

Zach, 16,  is a lifelong Littleton Hawk that has suffered several serious concussions, creating many challenges both on and off the ice. Succession head injuries have made seemingly simple tasks difficult and have adversely affected virtually all aspects of his life. Thank you for joining DAWG Nation, Dr. Jeff McWhorter, and Littleton Hockey in providing support to the Vaughn family as Zach embarks on a custom treatment plan designed to aid Zach’s recovery back to normalcy. All funds donated went directly to Zach’s medical costs associated with head injuries sustained on the hockey rink.

With the Help of Many Generous Folks

It was a priviledge to spend some time with a special family that needed a little boost. Zach Vaughn has been thrown a major curve ball in the form of multiple concussions. Blessed with speed and grace, Zach excelled for the Littleton Hawks until several scary head injuries derailed his promising career. This last year has been very difficult for Zach and his entire family as they struggle to gain their footing. With the help of many generous folks, including the renowned Dr. Jeff McWhorter, we were able to provide this family with some much needed hope and detailed recovery plan. Please join us in wishing Zach and his family a speedy and full recovery!

A Shared Experience

Barry Goers visiting with Zach.
Barry Goers visiting with Zach.

Barry Goers was a defenseman in the AHL who’s career was cut short by concussions. Now a Colorado resident and DAWG Nation member, Barry shares some of his experiences with Zach. Barry was also a patient of Dr. McWhorter and saw tremendous results from his treatments. We are praying for the same results for Zach!

Zach Vaughn
Keep getting better Zach!
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