Torin Perret


Torin needs help with uncovered medical expenses.

Torin Perrit

Torin and his  family have been very active in the hockey community for a long time. Torin has played hockey for years in YMCA leagues as well as in the High Plains Hockey League at his high school. And most recently has been playing in an adult hockey league in Fort Collins while attending CSU. His dad is a hockey coach, and his sister Sarina plays for the CSU ACHA women’s team.

Torin was recently diagnosed with a grade three inoperable cancerous brain tumor. His doctors are attacking Chad (Torin named the tumor Chad) with aggressive radiation and chemotherapy for about 6 weeks and then much less aggressive chemo for 6-12 months after.

He will hopefully be eligible for a treatment called Optune during these 6-12 months after, however it is not likely that insurance will cover much if any of that.

Please help us support Torin as he faces his latest challenge-every little bit helps.

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