Tony Salazar


Tony Salazar had a massive heart attack at the age of 18 after playing in his first game at Metro State this Sunday (Jan 8th).

Tony Salazar

Found on Facebook from Mark O’Leary…

“Tony has been stabilized at the University of Colorado Hospital for now. One artery was 100% blocked and he has several blood clots around his heart. They have him on blood thinners to hopefully dissolve them. However, it does not look good at this point. Unfortunately, the right side of his heart is no longer functional. They have a temporary heart pump to do the job for the right side, but it cannot sustain him. It may be a day or so before doctors can determine what they need to do vs. what they CAN do.”

His family and Tony went through a similar scare just 9 months ago when a knee to knee hit in a HS playoff game created blood clots in his leg which traveled to his lungs. I do not know any specifics, but can only imagine the medical/financial burden his family has endured over the last year.

Update on Tony Salazar on Facebook from his grandmother… 

Anyone who knows him, knows he is a young man with compassion a big heart and funny as hell! His heart was at 10% and today we received the great news (not unexpected knowing Tony) that it is now at 35%.
The family and everyone who has been supporting him and us with prayers and good wishes cannot thank you enough. Please do not stop. Tony has a long road ahead of him with ups and downs and we do not know what the final plan will be but he has taught us we will all face it with determination, prayers, tears and laughter.

Special thank you to the Wheat Ridge Police Department and the officers, etc. who donated 200+ hours to Tony.

From Tony’s family to all – We are blessed for all we have received from his PD family, his hockey family, friends, etc.”

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