Giving Back To the Family of Gregg Faus


Faus Check Presentation

A Sudden and Tragic Loss

Gregg Faus passed away suddenly on November 11, 2021. DAWG Nation was honored to be a part of the many hands helping the Faus family through this journey of grief while at the same time celebrating an incredible human being. We at DAWG Nation offer our deepest condolences to the Faus family, Littleton Hockey and his teammates across the area.

Coming Together in Thanksgiving

It was special day of GIVING BACK at the Edge Ice Arena on November 26th as the hockey community honored a great man and supported a grieving family. Gregg Faus was a son, a brother, a husband, a father, a teammate, and a friend to many. It’s a mystery when the world loses one of the good guys at such a young age, but it’s a comfort to see all the lives that were touched by by this tremendous soul. Thank you to everyone that has supported, donated, comforted and loved the Faus family in this difficult time.

Grateful for Love

We had the privilege of taking the real check over to the Faus home. We were able to surprise Anissa and the boys with the news that their check grew from the check presentation day, from over $36K to $51K because of your generous donations. As we enjoyed a special Anissa salad and chicken nuggets from Chic-Fil-A, she reminded us that Gregg was the chef of the family and always enjoyed cooking incredible meals for the family. He could do anything or fix anything, an ability to just figure things out. Anissa shared her absolute gratitude for the love that she and Gregg had for each other and together for their boys. We were joined by Brian Miller and Drew Johnson, long time teammates, as they shared stories from hockey. Of course the Faus boys were prodding Cappy for an opportunity to meet Cale Makar.

Gregg Was That Guy… (contributed by Kevin Scriboni)

As many folks know once you reach the men’s league level of your hockey career there are no assigned seats in the locker room, so if you arrive early enough you are able to pick your spot for the evening. Gregg was one of those players who was never late to a game and was generally one of the first guys in the locker room. Most nights Gregg & I would walk in together as I too don’t like to rush to get suited up for beer league battle. In true dude fashion I wouldn’t sit right next to him because that would be “weird”. Instead I’d sit directly across from Gregg so that we could have a conversation while facing each other.

We’d discuss the normal stuff like fatherhood, traffic, the weather and getting old until the rest of the team filled in. What I enjoyed most about watching the team join us is that the spots on either side of Gregg would always fill in first. Gregg was that guy… the guy with the welcoming smile. His good attitude & positive demeanor was contagious and consistent. He wasn’t a loud man nor was he quiet, however on the ice he was quiet enough to alway find himself sitting backdoor and wide open waiting to bury the puck in the back of the net. The amount of backdoor goals he scored was unprecedented.

If you were fortunate enough to play on a team with Gregg you know that he was an amazing teammate, a great hockey dad, a good friend and a family first kind of guy. He will be greatly missed on and off the ice by many. 


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