Giving Back To Tammy Meier


DAWG Bowl Check Presentation

During the DAWG Bowl Tammy Meier and her family were presented a check for $55,000. Although Tammy couldn’t be there in person, her son Matt received the check with Tammy and her husband on Facetime. Tammy was in Santa Monica, California receiving heat treatment that is only offered at that specific facility.

Tammy and Mark Meier in Person

The Meier family blessed DAWG Nation and some amazing volunteers with there time at the DAWG Bowl volunteer dinner. After being moved by receiving a check from DAWG Nation, Tammy and her husband Mark wanted to thank a small part of the hockey community in person and also have a wonderful night reflecting on the DAWG Bowl.

Hockey Mom

Tammy is a lifetime hockey mom to two sons, Dylan and Matthew, whom she painstakingly taught to skate and has always encouraged to follow their hockey aspirations.  Like all dedicated hockey parents, Tammy made hundreds of trips to practices and games throughout Colorado and countless trips to far away hockey cities throughout Canada and the U.S., to watch her two sons play youth travel hockey and eventually junior and college hockey.  Not to mention the multiple stints as a hockey mom to three high school aged billet sons (can you say sainthood).  Suffice to say, she has dedicated an enormous amount of her life to the great sport of hockey and in supporting her sons’ dreams in playing the sport. 

Cancer Diagnosis

In February of 2021, Tammy was diagnosed with stage IV, ovarian cancer.  After hearing this terrible news and having her (and her family’s) world turned upside down, she vowed to take this disease head on, just like she does on the tennis court, with research, analytics, and a fighting desire to beat the opponent!


Although cancer drugs (chemo) have not really improved or changed over the past 3 decades, many other alternative treatment methods and side effect aides have.  Tammy is currently in the middle of a multi-month chemo regimen, multiple immune therapy treatments, and several chemo enhancing treatments.  Unfortunately, these treatments have taken her all over—from Highlands Ranch and Boulder, Colorado to Santa Monica, California. Currently, Tammy is receiving a special heat treatment therapy six days a week to enhance the effectiveness of her chemo.  Unfortunately, this treatment is only offered in Santa Monica, so, Tammy, her husband, and their two dogs, are bunking in a small apartment in Santa Monica for the next couple of months as Tammy continues to pursue a comprehensive strategy to defeat this opponent.  

The Good News

Although Tammy has still many miles to travel on this beat cancer journey, the cancer markers are trending downward which indicates that through her strong personal advocacy and the amazing support and help she is receiving are working. 

Thank you

Tammy would like to thank so many for the countless messages of support and all the prayers and positive vibes, without this support, this journey would be impossible.

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