Giving Back to Sean Bolduc


A Difficult Journey

It’s been a really rough four months for Sean Bolduc and his family, but last night we made things just a little bit better! Sean is a Colorado native, and a product of the Colorado Springs hockey community, attending Widefield High School and playing high school hockey for Palmer High School. After high school Sean headed east to keep his playing career going in Danbury, Connecticut, as he tended goal for the Danbury Hat Tricks. On October 5, 2021 Sean was found unresponsive and rushed to the Yale Medical Center. From there he underwent emergency brain surgery and was later diagnosed with meningitis. Since then there were five more surgeries and many close calls.

Sean’s Return

After over four months, Sean finally came home on February 10th. He was greeted by grateful family members and excited to continue his recovery at home. However another setback had Sean in the hospital again with a brain infection. Sean is facing yet another brain surgery but doctors are hopeful this will be the last.

A Special Night at Robson

To celebrate Sean’s road to recovery we teamed with Colorado College and the NCHC to pull off a spectacular night at Ed Robson arena. We began the night with Sean calling out the lineup in the CC locker room, followed up by a ceremonial puck drop as the PA announcer shared Sean’s story, then it was a surprise check for $10,750 to help the family offset some of the mounting medical costs. And finally a enjoyable night that included a visit to the NCHC officials locker room, several well wishes from notable CC brass. and a big overtime victory by the Tigers!!!

A big thank you to CC’s Scott Lowenberg for all the work in making this one happen. And a special thanks to the NCHC and the NCHC officials for helping us create night that the deserving Sean will never forget!

Colorado College vs. Miami, Feb. 18. 2022

When Meningitis Strikes

Sean went into the ER as he wasn’t feeling well as his head was hurting. He tested positive for Covid so they sent him home. He went in the Emergency Room three different times due to his head hurting. On Tuesday, October 5th, 2021 he was taken by ambulance and was unresponsive. They found that he had an infection on the brain and was later diagnosed with meningitis. He was sedated, intubated and was in critical condition.

Airlifted to Yale

The next day, he was airlifted to Yale as he needed brain surgery as the infection spread to his brain. His platelets are low so they have done two infusions with hopes they can perform the brain surgery. He has had CT scans and MRIs. While Sean did have insurance through his mother, the ER visits, the hospital stays, surgery and emergency transportation all summed up to a huge financial burden on his family.

A Contagious Laugh

Sean has grown up around hockey. He has a contagious laugh and need for everyone to have a good time. He is always the first one to help and lend a hand, no matter the task. All of Sean’s family lives in Colorado. His mom, dad and brother are were staying in a hotel by Yale and prayed for Sean’s healing. The Colorado Springs hockey community, both ice and inline, have been praying for Sean and his family.

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