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DAWG Nation Pre Wedding Crashers

After breaking his leg in six places at DAWG Bowl XI, we wanted to make sure we set Mike Morgan and his lovely bride Lisa Wirth on the right path in their marriage which took place on October 2, 2021. The DAWGS ventured up the long dark winding roads near Grandby to find the pre wedding party at the invitation of nominator Christina Montoya. A quick pop in and check presentation at the allowed us the opportunity to give them a check to wipe away any remaining medical debt! Thank you supporters and nominator Christina Montoya for helping us Give Back!

911 at the DAWG Bowl

After a freak collision with another player, Mike Morgan went into the boards and didn’t get up. As he sat on the ice waiting for the ambulance, the pain began seeping in. He had fractured his leg in multiple locations. The Socially Awkward Pylons watched as their teammate and friend was taken by stretcher out the back of the Edge Ice Arena and loaded into an ambulance. DAWG Nation’s Executive Director said, “Mike was alert and aware but he was in a lot of pain. When EMS arrived with the some pain killers, it was right on time!”

The Diagnosis

Mike’s injury was diagnosed as a severe spiral fracture of the tibia and fractured fibula. He underwent emergency surgery on his left leg. An intramedullary rod was implanted, extending the length of the tibia with six screws and two plates.

The Road to Recovery

Mike is on the road to recovery. His journey involved at least a year of physical therapy, likely resulting in nine months to one year out of any sport or running. Mike has his eyes set on his comeback for DAWG BOWL XII.

A Financial Need

Between insurance coverages, due to a change in career path as a result of Covid, Mike was rendered uninsured at the time and needed to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket to gain coverage. In the midst of planning a wedding, this injury and the financial impact were not well timed. He’s dealt with a lot of medical follow ups and continued pain, and but he is hopeful for a return to hockey in 2022. He has not given up on the sport.

Captain of the Socially Awkward Pylons, Christina Montoya said, “I think the mental costs to him and us have been the hardest. Lots of fears and anxiety, but we know that Mike will persevere with the help of the hockey community.”

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