Giving Back to Mike Greene


A Bright Spot in the Rally Against Leukemia

It was a really special day as we joined forces with the Colorado Springs hockey community to surprise Mike Greene and his beautiful family. Mike is in the midst of his battle with leukemia and will be receiving a bone marrow transplant the week of February 22, followed by a long stay in the hospital. As a long time Coloroado College fan we were able to make the day even more special by including CC Tiger legends Peter Sejna, Marty Wakelyn and Dan Brennan. These three presented Mike with a signed CC jersey and then followed that up with heartfelt words of encouragement. Please join us in wishing Mike and his young family the very best as they begin the road to recovery!!

A Leukemia Diagnosis

Mike was recently diagnosed with leukemia. He is 33 with a very young family, and will be out of work for an undetermined amount of time to receive chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant. Mike has come home from the hospital and is continuing his chemotherapy at home thanks to a clinical trial. Closer to the end of December, Mike will have a bone marrow biopsy to see if he is in remission. Once he is in remission, he will be scheduled for his stem-cell transplant.

Mike Greene Family

A longtime member of the hockey community

Mike has supported the hockey community all of his life, and his 8 year old son Dylan has played hockey since he could walk. Mike, Dylan, and uncles are all part of the hockey community in Colorado Springs with the Colorado Springs Amateur Hockey Association Junior Tigers. Unfortunately, as Mike is facing this devastating illness, the family must be quarantined which means Dylan cannot play hockey until Mike is in remission.

The Road Ahead

Once Mike gets the stem-cell transplant, he will remain in the hospital for 20 days. After that he will need to be within 30 minutes of the hospital in Denver. The hospital put him on a list to get an apartment down the street and he will be there for 80 days post-transplant/hospital stay. He will need 24/7 care after the transplant and his supporters are hoping to rotate a few family members up there.

Thank you for joining DAWG Nation in rallying to help Mike and his family. Through your generous donation, we lifted some of the financial burden and provided important community support.

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