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One of the Kindest People You Will Ever Meet

Mike is described by his friends as one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. His friends and teammates are proud to call him a close friend. Whether it’s showing a younger player how to skate properly, needing help building a deck, or having just someone to talk to Mike is always there. He happens to be one hell of a hockey player as well! So when he reached out with a few serious problems of his own, his friends and teammates figured DAWG Nation might be a good place to start.

No Clear Answers

Over the last three or four years Mike has been in and out of specialists, therapist, clinics and hospitals to try and figure out why he feels the way he does. After extensive blood work and having been stuffed in tubes for imaging, he has no answers from any medical professionals. A few professionals think that as a result of multiple concussions, his dopamine levels are way down and neurologically his body isn’t firing on all cylinders, meaning his brain is not sending the correct signals in the proper sequence to be able to function properly.

Chronic Pain and Suffering

For these reasons a few doctors have suggested he may have early stages of Parkinson’s…which he does not agree with. His body is in chronic pain and he feels twisted, shaky, and unstable during certain movements. Walking and sitting is bothersome for him and his quality of life is suffering as a result. Not only has the physical side of all this has been wearing on him, the mental and emotional toll has been a challenging.

Hope Through a Treatment Plan

But his future can be better! Mike was recently referred to a place called PRIME by a few physical therapists and doctors. This clinic does detailed assessments/tests of everything from vision, teeth, jaw, neck, back, hips, knees and feet alignment and then develops a treatment plan to get the body and nervous system to integrate with each other and function properly. It has a cost associated with it, and PRIME is not covered by insurance, but perhaps with the help of DAWG Nation it could be affordable.

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