McKenna Russen


Unexpectedly and tragically, the Hockey Community lost another of it’s members on January 8, 2017.

Please take the time to help out this terrific young woman!

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Dave Russen played for the Old School Crimson team in the Rocky Mountain Hockey League for many years. Dave was home alone when he choked on some food and rushed outside to get help. Sadly, he collapsed outside his home and passed away.

He has one, 19 year old daughter, McKenna, whom he loved more than anything in this world. All that knew Dave, knew McKenna was truly the “light of his life”. Hockey was his 2nd love and the sport became their combined hobby and passion. McKenna attended many of her dad’s games over the years and loved watching him play. They also enjoyed season seats to attend DU (University of Denver) Pioneers Hockey games. They spent his last night at one of these games, together, thankfully. Any chance they got, you could find the pair at professional hockey games too!

Dave was an incredible father, friend and teammate. He poured his heart into everything he did, on and off the ice.

McKenna is currently attending University of Colorado-Boulder and is studying Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology. It was her Dad’s wish that she receive a good education and become a strong, independent young woman. Our family is overwhelmed by the love, support and caring from friends, family, & community and would be forever grateful for any contributions on McKenna’s behalf.

For the cost of a pitcher of beer, or a couple of drop-in sessions you can help support his daughter with her education costs. Please help support one of our own by making a contribution. It would mean the world to Dave, knowing his daughter will be able to continue her education during this difficult time.

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