Giving Back to Mary Strine


A Wig Party and Check Presentation

DAWG Nation had the honor of supporting Mary Strine in her fight against cancer. Mary is beloved by so many teammates and communities that she gives back to. Her dear friends Christina Montoya and Angie Petersen let us crash the “wig party” for the presentation! Mary’s smile and joy for life continues to inspire! You got this Slap Shot Mary!

Christina Montoya summed up the emotional day well, “It is always a heartwarming experience to be part of this great organization who always goes above and beyond to support those within our hockey community not only financially, but emotionally.”

Mary Strine AKA “Slap Shot Mary” and Her Diagnosis

Mary was diagnosed with Stage 3A invasive lobular carcinoma on February 3, 2021, after an original diagnosis of Stage 2A in December 2020. On January 20, 2021, she had a lumpectomy with axillary node removal where they removed 10 of the 40 nodes via an axillary dissection. Following her pathology results after surgery, it was determined that she will need to have chemotherapy for a minimum of five months, followed by radiation for five days a week for five weeks. She will also require PT during her treatments and hormone therapy for 5-10 years.

Mary and Our Hockey Community

Over the years Mary has played an integral role in our hockey community, especially as a coach for the Colorado Ice Wizards – a special hockey team for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities; she helps kids learn to skate at the YMCA in Lafayette, and has volunteered for the Colorado Sled Hockey Program and NSCD try sled hockey/Break the Ice clinics. Mary also plays defence for the DWHL and for tournament teams including Socially Awkward/The Pylons, as well as putting on the stripes to keep us all in check.   

Mary’s Giving Nature and Outgoing Personality

Even in all the chaos of being recently diagnosed with an aggressive cancer, Mary’s first thoughts pointed to how she could help children. She decided to take the inevitable chemo hair loss into her own hands and will be cutting her headful of wild, beautiful hair off before starting chemo in the beginning of March. She will be donating it to Children with Hair Loss.

That’s who Mary is. She is always willing to turn lemons into lemonade and give back to her community, even when she is dealing with her own health issues.

With high insurance deductibles, co-pays, expensive medications and treatments, and her long treatment road, you helped support our LEGO building, fun loving, full of childlike wonder friend. 

Thank you for joining DAWG Nation in rallying to help Mary. Through your generous donations and show of support we rallied to give “Slap Shot Mary” hope through her fight.

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