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A brave decision…

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Our dear friend Kim recently made an incredibly brave decision to enter an inpatient treatment center in Arizona, in pursuit of finding relief from the depression and suicidal ideations she’s struggled with for quite some time. Taking a step like this – to seek, in the treatment center’s words, comprehensive, evidenced-based treatment in a secure and supportive environment – was not only brave, but also proved to be very costly in terms of treatment costs and lost wages. While these are considered “invisible illnesses”, Kim truly has been battling for her life.

Kim completed her in-patient treatment and is now back home, diligently working through an IOP program created specifically for her continuing needs. This is such an intensive program and Kim is paying for each of these therapies out of pocket. Currently, her financial means are spread extremely thin due to her focused participation in the aforementioned programs, previously preventing her from working full-time. Kim previously used short-term disability benefits from her job, but they ran out and she was not approved for long term disability. Kim’s position is not protected under FMLA, and therefore, her job is not protected.

Kim is the most genuine, kind-hearted person and would support a friend who was in her position without a second thought. We are so proud of how bravely she has been fighting to regain control over her mental health and bring herself to a better, sustainable place, and we know that if she is able to finish out her intensive outpatient program completely, her recovery has so much more potential.

Kim Took Up Hockey

Kim took up hockey in the fall of 2014 after retiring from soccer. She started playing in the Denver Women’s Hockey League first in the novice division, and then in the intermediate division, which provided her a great foundation to learn to skate, play hockey, and meet a group of genuine, caring people who loved the sport of hockey as much as she had grown to. Playing in the DWHL also got her involved in the women’s hockey scene for tournaments which brought her a great sense of community and joy. To expand her participation in the Denver hockey community, she also joined a Women’s Association of Colorado Hockey team to play a bit more competitively. These days she plays some WACH and also plays on a coed team in a men’s league at the Edge.

Kim bravely created a custom program for her mental health that required complete focus and dedication and prevented her from working for its duration. Unfortunately, Kim still has a mortgage to pay, utilities and bills piling up, and the financial stress is only distracting from the improvement of her mental health. Any help that you could offer during this time to a fellow hockey player would really make the difference in her dire quest for stable mental wellness.

Help at the DAWG Bowl

DAWG Nation was honored to present Kim with a check for $5,000 at the DAWG Bowl to help her offset some of the costs associated with her mental health treatments. Kim was surrounded by the women’s division participants as she received her check. Her teammates invited her onto the bench for their game and we were able to rally everyone to the beer tent afterwards and her nominator joined us from Chicago by Facetime (thanks Amanda!). Kim bravely took the microphone and articulatley thanked the crowd for their support of her and bringing awareness and support to those suffering from depression.

check Kim Hermberg
Kim Hermberg receives check at DAWG Bowl X to keep fighting her battle with depression.

Let’s Do More

Clearly Kim’s battle, while being won, is not over and the initial $5K only put a dent in the medical bills. DAWG Nation provided Kim with some additional assistance as a result of a few more donors and matching dollars from DAWG Nation. More importanlty, giving her another check is another opportunity to check in our new friend!

Thank you for helping us with your donations and sense of community that reminds Kim that she is never alone.

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