Eric Egerter


Eric and Carter need help with medical expenses.

Eric and Carter Egerter

Late last year, my goalie Eric Egerter started having some issues at home with control over his legs, which then developed into some major problems in net. In early January, he played his last game with us. He was barely able to stand up after dropping to cover pucks. I encouraged him to stop playing if he needed to, since we could play with 6 skaters, but he soldiered on to finish the game. However, he knew he needed to see a doctor before playing any further. The diagnosis came back and he required surgery.

At around the same time, his 5 year old son Carter was getting sick and the doctors discovered he has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Fortunately, this is very treatable and they expect a full recovery. However, with Eric requiring back surgery and Carter having to undergo cancer treatment, his wife will also have to stop working to take care of Carter while Eric recovers from surgery.

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