Giving Back to Dave Tscherpel


A Simple Trip to the Doctor

What began with a simple trip to the doctor to investigate “shortness of breath”, turned into “we found a mass.”

T-cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. An aggressively growing cancer that usually only affects children was now his reality. On a sunny Sunday, Dave took a walk in the sunshine and had a last (socially distant) meal with his family on the lawn in front of the hospital.

A New Normal

Every day since, Dave has been bound to his hospital room, his wife Marybeth by his side. Tuesdays that were normally spent with his three grandkids are now eaten up by blood draws, IV fluids and recovery after going through his treatments the day before. Chemotherapy has taken the place of “old man” hockey with his friends and son. Spinal taps ensued instead of camping trips and boating with his family. The towing business he built from the ground up will have to close permanently while Dave focuses on fighting the enemy that keeps popping up in different places in his body.

Current Treatment

In late April Dave started maintenance chemotherapy and radiation after bone marrow results showed no visible signs of cancer cells. Dave continues to fight cancer and as everyone around him continues to support him.

Tscherpel Strong

With the love and support from Dave’s family, friends’, and community the first annual Tscherpal Strong golf tournament went on with a roaring success. Dave was presented a check alongside his family and DAWG Nation, on top of a wonderful day of people connecting and sharing there support for Dave.

A Long and Rich Hockey History

Born in the Czech Republic, Dave played hockey across Europe while growing up. After starting a family in Wheat Ridge, CO, his passion for hockey grew. He watched and coached his son play through his high school years and they then spent two years coaching together. Dave is looking forward to the days when he will skate again after beating cancer. He says one of his driving goals is to skate in the DAWG Nation survivor game.  

Dave is described as one of the greatest guys you will ever meet. He deserves all the help we, that together, we can give him. Please join DAWG Nation in supporting Dave and his wife with ever-growing medical bills so they can focus on “Winning Game 7”.

Let’s rally to help this fellow hockey player. We can lift some of the burden through your generous donation today.

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