Bretlyn Schmidtmann


Bretlyn and her husband lost their home.

Bretlyn Schmidtmann

Bretlyn has been involved in emergency services for about 20 years and is an ER nurse in Boulder. She and her husband lost their home to the wild fire up in Nederland and even continued to fight the fire themselves in attempt to save others homes.

Bretlyn has been involved w/ hockey for about 15 years and plays as much as she can with multiple different leagues in the Denver metro area. Bretlyn lost all of her belongings, including all of her hockey gear and years of an epic jersey collection. Bretlyn and her husband have also lost one of their St. Bernard’s in the fire who remains missing.

We’d like to get her back onto the ice again as soon as possible. I mean who doesn’t love to go out and put all their bad feelings from the day on the ice?

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