Giving Back to Nigel Richardson


Outpouring of Support

Nigel received his check from DAWG Nation in the company of the UCHealth medical staff on Monday the 17th of May. We could not have done it without the love and support from the hockey community and generous donors that included family, friends, teammates, the medical staff, and strangers from around the world!

A DAWG Through and Through

It’s hard to find someone who loves DAWG Nation as much as Nigel. He has an incredible heart. He is Marty’s biggest cheerleader and protector of his younger brother. He is a constant ambassador of DAWG Nation. He supports DAWG Nation with with his time, his money and his many talents. Nigel and the Kukrals are always looking to support the DAWGS through guided fishing and hunting trips. Nigel is always the first one to sign up for events and bring a crowd of supporters. Of course, Nigel has been wearing the DAWG sweater from the beginning and is currently a valued teammate of the Old DAWGS.

A Man Beloved by Many with Many Talents

Nigel is an incredible husband, brother, son, uncle, teammate, and ambassador of DAWG Nation.  He is beloved by so many for his big heart, his generosity, his witty sense of humor, and of course his cooking!

He is a hockey player, a skiier, a hiker, a hunter and a world class fisherman and guide. If you’ve ever done any of these things with Nigel, you know he excels at them all and helps you become better through his coaching and mentoring.

A New Heart

Unfortunately Nigel suffered several heart attacks before a long ambulance ride from Fraser got him safely to Saint Anthony’s. Nigel’s heart experienced a pretty high degree trauma. From there Nigel was transferred to UCHealth, where an amazing crew of individuals helped Nigel get back to his feet. Miraculously after only one day on the transplant list, Nigel was able to receive a new heart. Today Nigel is ahead of his planned recovery and staying in an apartment across from the hospital thanks to the donations from all the generous individuals.


He and his wife Kelly and the whole Richardson family need our continued thoughts, prayers and love. “I am beyond thankful for the medical team and all the kind individual’s who donated.”

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