Do you Believe in Miracles?


Well I do. Under the tutelage of the incredible Mike “Smalls” Freeman I have seen firsthand what patience, love and selflessness can accomplish. When Van Stone first came to our offices last August it seemed obvious that this once gifted hockey player would never skate again, let alone play hockey.

A traumatic brain injury in 2018 nearly took Van’s life and robbed him of his speech, motor skills and the ability to do every day tasks on his own. That’s when Saint Mike asked Van the simple question, “would you like to skate again?” Van’s eyes lit up with joy and I thought to myself, “Smalls, what are you thinking?!”

Well it turns out that Smalls knew exactly what he was doing. Organizing a weekly skate and surrounding Van with an unlikely group of big hearted individuals that had all survived some sort of life threatening injury or illness, Mike patiently worked with Van and we all stared in awe as the miracle began to unfold right before our very eyes.

I had not been to a skate for a few months and today I came down to see Van playing hockey, actually playing hockey!! Passing, shooting, making split second decisions! It was so powerful I was brought to tears.

As we headed to the locker room it was even more amazing as for the first time since the accident Van can now dress himself, his vocabulary has increased, and joy for life has returned!

Mike has given Van and his family the greatest gift in world, the gift of hope! It is not something that can be measured monetarily, but is more valuable than anything in the world.

Van then capped off the beautiful morning by unexpectedly giving each of us a personalized glass “Wednesday Warrior” puck to commemorate the journey, a journey that still has many chapters remaining.

Amazing job Smalls, amazing work Van, hats off to both of you!

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