Dawg Day at the Track


No coincidences!
Thanks to the connections of Greg Hunter, Mike Salinas, a top fuel dragster racer, generously donated a day with a driver as Mike looks to qualify for the finals at the “Mile High Nationals” that happen tomorrow. Once again lots of “no coincidences” as Mike offered to put a DAWG Nation logo on his car! He then let me know that his favorite aunt was diagnosed with cancer last week and I responded by giving him a Dawg Nation cancer jersey. He shook his head and shared his aunt’s favorite team is Fresno State, of course the Bulldogs!! And then I look at the front of his car and the I see “Humboldt” prominently displayed! Ar that point I let Mike know about my Bronco connection and he said, “Marty, we need a bigger DAWG logo on my car!” So guess what, we’re doubling the size of logo tomorrow!!
And to top things off, I’m watching the Top Fuel qualifying and the PA announcer then mentions yours truly and the DAWG Nation story! Pretty darn awesome!
Thank you Greg, thank you Mike, and thank you to everyone that continues to help us help others!!


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