Dan Darling


Dan Darling fought a courageous battle with stage 4 bladder cancer that started about a year ago. Dan was playing hockey and took a fall into the boards. He left the game and thought he needed a few days to let his hip heal. He saw a doctor and they decided to let the injury heal itself. After a month or so of lingering pain in his hip he returned to the doctor and an MRI was ordered. The scan revealed a growth on his hip that was causing the pain and a tumor in his bladder. He went into surgery the next morning to remove the tumor and eventually started chemotherapy. The chemo caused him to have seizures. It was then discovered he had Glioblastoma in his brain. He has had surgery to remove that tumor but has been struggling ever since. On April 28, 2023 Dan passed away in South Carolina surrounded by his family.

Prior to his death, Dawg Nation and Kevin Schildt of the South Carolina Stingrays came together to show our support to him and his wife Alessandra. We presented them with a check for $11,500. This was a total surprise to Dan and Alessandra who were surrounded by friends and family. He sadly passed away shortly after we presented the check.


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