Annual Colorado Christian University exhibition game



On March 3rd we had our annual exhibition game with the great kids from Colorado Christian University. This one was held before the Avs/Penguins game at the Pepsi Center and I was pretty excited to lace em’ up where the big boys skate! However, two days before the big game my wife, Cindy, had a conversation with Johnny Plover (pictured below). Johnny had hit a rough patch and asked Cindy if I could give him a “pick me up” call. Johnny is a two time Purple Heart recipient and true American hero. His second Purple Heart was a result of a broken neck suffered in 2009 in Iraq when the Humvee he was a passenger was literally blown up. Incredibly, Johnny survived the blast but was told he would never play competitive sports again. Johnny didn’t like that answer and defied all odds and returned to the ice in 2013! The jersey he wore that day in 2013 is pictured here. Like many vets, it has not been an easy journey for Johnny. In fact, just four days before this picture was taken one of Johnny’s closest friends from his time in Iraq ended his own life. Upon hearing this devastating news and counseling a distraught Johnny, I decided to give up my spot in the lineup and invited him to play at the Pepsi Center with our DAWGs crew. Cindy in turn gave up her ticket to the game and dinner with me so I could treat Johnny to a very special night. Johnny wore military themed socks during the game and even scored a goal on the Pepsi Center ice! After the game Johnny asked if he could address our team in the locker (this picture is from that moment). An emotional Johnny then proceeded to donate his special military jersey to our foundation as his way to thank you to all of us. It was an amazing moment and yet one more validation of “why we do what we do”. Thank you all for your continued tremendous support that allows us to help so many in need.

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