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Part of the DAWG Family

Jonny O joined a long list of DAWGS to receive a DAWG tattoo to memorialize his DAWG family.  We were honored to have Jonny O drive his new truck, provided in part through being a DAWG Nation recipient, out to Colorado to join us for the Stand Up DAWG Nation event on October 27th.  He was joined by his teammates, Jared Schmierbach and Matt Heath.  These teammates worked alongside DAWG Nation to host the Jonny O 3 vs 3 tournament that helped raise nearly $55K for Jonny’s continued recovery.

 A St. Louis Charter is Born

Through this incredible partnership, not only will the Jonny O 3 vs 3 continue, it will now work to benefit other recipients alongside other DAWG Nation events as part of our DAWG nation St. Louis Charter.  Jonny, Jared and Matt make us proud and are on fire for DAWG Nation and want to see DAWG Nation continue to grow in the St. Louis area and beyond. 

 A Great Colorado Trip

With that in mind, it is no wonder that Jonny O made his commitment and love for DAWG Nation permanent.  “Hanging with Martin Richardson and the DAWG Nation crew means so much to me… we are family,” said Jonny O as he reflected on his trip to Colorado. Jonny enjoyed Rocky Mountain National Park with Jared and Koda. Of course the boys enjoyed Stand Up for DAWG Nation, particularly all the Carhartt clothing jokes by Derrick Stroup which seemed to hit home for Jared. A DAWG nation tattoo and watching the Blues game at Bout Time rounded out the trip.

Goodbye for Now

While we said goodbye to the St. Louis boys for now, our Board said hello to DAWG Nation St. Louis. We can’t wait to see how it grows. With the passion from Jonny, Jared and Matt, it will be hard to contain!

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