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Chip Excell: Stripes Stand Together

Chip was nominated by a friend, fellow professional referee, and long time DAWG, Lucas Bisbee.  Luke’s nomination letter stands on his own:

“Reason for Nominating: I am writing this with a very heavy heart in order to help one of the most genuine and selfless people I have ever met. Chip Excell is a former WSHL, CHL and ECHL official and is still a cornerstone of hockey in the state and the region. He used to travel to Colorado annually to help local officials and also officiate WSHL playoffs. Chip continues to help his fellow WSHL and ECHL officials both on and off the ice. After his retirement as a professional linesman, Chip continues to officiate college games in the region and is the Director of Officiating at the Oilers Ice Center.

I first met Chip in Tulsa, Oklahoma as he helped show me the ropes for the East Coast Hockey League. A thousand miles from home, I was on my own trying to navigate a new city and a new league. Chip took me under his wing and helped me feel right at home. He was always just a phone call away. Chip would give you the shirt off his back in a heartbeat and would always be there no matter what.

Chip was riding his motorcycle on Tuesday evening (5/17/22) when he was involved in an really bad accident, resulting in several major injuries. Please help me give back and support this larger-than-life man! From Chip – “They had to amputate my left leg below my knee, Broke my femur rod and pins in it. Three ribs fractured, and broke my hand. Sooooo gonna be a long road but I got this! Especially with all the support from all of you. Thanks again! God is Good” Thankfully, the doctors stated that Chip is still here with us today due to his outstanding physical health.

Unfortunately the driver that hit Chip was an uninsured motorist. Chip has a very long road ahead with ongoing medical bills, rehab, and long-term prothesis which will be out of pocket. His motorcycle insurance will not cover all of his expenses. Prosthetic legs typically cost $10,000 a piece and need to be replaced every 1-3 years. An individual will go through 3 prothesis within the first year due to the leg shrinking and muscles adapting.

Anything helps, thank you so much! Clearly Chip is highly respected and a leader in the community. His distinctive character unmistakable. He is going to grab this bull by the horns and run with it. I’m confident, that Dawg Nation’s support will help Chip to remain an excellent ambassador, and solid proponent to the Oklahoma hockey community and family.”


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