Busy day changing lives!


It was an exhausting one, but yesterday once again showed me the best in humanity. A 6 am wake up call, a hour drive to Butfalo Run to play the Tscherpel Strong golf tourney as we raised dough for my buddy Dave Tscherpel. Who, by the way, is kicking cancer’s ass!! Lots of laughs, and some “so-so” golf thrown in, it was a fantastic and memorable time. Then it was the hour drive back for a quick wardrobe change, a little coaxing to have Cindy join me, and another long drive SoBo 151 to witness Angie Petersen and the women’s hockey community put their collective arms around a “beacon of light” named Sarah Karr. Sarah is battling pancreatic cancer and literally never stopped smiling all night! The night was fun, emotional, electric and simply amazing!! When all was said and done, over $60,000 was raised for Dave and Sarah!!! Wow, just wow!!! Along the way I snuck in important calls to the Tippett family to check on my little buddy (Coop), and another to Rick Alire, one of our Wednesday Warriors that had a scary emergency appendectomy yesterday. Thankfully everyone seems to have turned the corner and is on the mend!

But most importantly I witnessed once again ordinary people doing extraordinary things, and to me, there is honestly nothing better than that!! Finally getting home at 1 am we crashed hard. This morning as I glanced at my beautiful wife peacefully asleep and I think to myself, ”pal, you are one fortunate fella who is blessed to be surrounded by absolutely incredible human beings.” Luckiest guy in the world!

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