Giving Back to Bryan Brock


A collision on the ice…

On the night of April 2nd, 2018 Bryan Brock, an amazing father, husband, and friend, was involved in an accidental collision on the ice during an adult hockey game where he suffered a dissection of his right carotid artery. As a result of the injury he suffered blood clotting which led to him having a stroke and loss of movement in the left side of his body.

Bryan was transported from Durango to Lakewood by an air medical flight, where he remains in the ICU with continued swelling in the brain. Although he is making slow but steady progress, the Brock Family still has a long road to recovery ahead as Bryan is going to require extensive rehabilitation at an inpatient setting for mobility and activities of daily living. Bryan and Valarie Brock will be separated from their three children over the next several months as they finish out their school year, only seeing them on weekend’s when/if they are able to travel to the Denver area.

Bryan was the main provider for the family. With him out of work, there will be a loss of their main family income, along with the burden of medical co-pays, Travel and lodging expenses for Valarie and their 3 children, and a long stint of physical therapy. This family has always given so much to their community, and if any family is deserving of your help and support it is the Brock Family!

Please help us help the Brock family in their time of need.


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