Broncos Scholarship


Wow!!!! What an amazing way to celebrate a birthday!! Too many texts, calls, notes, hugs and birthday wishes to count, but read/listened to every single one of them! And donations from tons of you adding up to almost $2,500, absolutely mind blowing!
It was a whirlwind with many powerful moments, a few tears and lots of cheers! Along the way I was blessed to skate on the Humboldt ice, present the Humboldt Bronco starting lineup, address the team in the locker room after the game, spend amazing quality time with some of the 2018 Broncos, visit the beautiful home of a Dawg Nation recipient, drop the opening puck, receive several amazing gifts, be the intermission guest on the radio, hang out in the coach’s office, surprise a couple of deserving young men with important scholarships, and be completely blown away when the entire Humboldt Bronco locker room was chanting my name!
But best of all, I got to do it all with the love of my life by my side! The absolute icing on the cake!!!
And now it’s time to jump on a private jet to get home in time for the SuperBowl!
The rough life of the Dawg Father!
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