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When Chris Adams died suddenly on March 13th, 2023 the world lost a rare light …and his family, their lighthouse.  

To know the Adams Family is to adore them and to secretly wish they’d adopt you into their fold. Such is the draw of this treasured family who have always lived life to the fullest.

The Adams’ three wonderful children – Parker, Will and Claire – have always been the epicenter of Chris & Amanda’s colorful life design. Parker and Will are now in college (Colorado & Arkansas) while Claire is finishing 7th grade in Superior.  

Amanda’s great loves are family, nature and hockey. Discovering women’s hockey at 40 was transformative for Amanda, like inheriting a 2nd family.

It’s possible you’ve shared the ice with her at the Stable, Ned rink, Apex, or DWHL where she subs occasionally. Her most defining moments have been with WACH’s “On the Fly Girls” (Arapahoe YMCA) as 2023 State Champions, the first all-ladies team to play in the Grand Lake pond tournament, and dual expeditions to the Scotty Gomez pond tournament in Alaska.

HOW TO HELP:  Through Dawg Nation we have the rare opportunity to help a loving family in a tangible and meaningful way. Please donate any amount you are able. Even a $5 donation will help Amanda usher her boys through college while re-building their life in Superior near Claire’s school. I’m sending endless thanks for whatever your special contribution may be. ~ Jodee Spalding  “Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder” – Rumi

p.s. if you prefer to donate differently, the family will need hotel accommodations in June and/or furnishings for their July rental. For this or to share a special memory of Chris, kindly contact Jodee: [email protected]  


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