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DAWG Nation Hockey Foundation began in 2011 but has always been a family affair.  Over the years DAWGs teams have included brothers, fathers and sons and even husbands and wives.  I’ve been lucky to be part of that group as my brother (Nigel) has been by my side as a DAWG from the beginning.  From thrill of lifting the Cup to the locker room camaraderie it’s what makes a team special.  But to experience that with your own family is the best.

I was able to take that to new level in September when the Old DAWGs hit the ice at the Pepsi Center in a game against the Army of Darkness.  Trevor Clark didn’t quite know what he was getting into when he married my eldest, Brittany in 2011.  Trevor, already a big sports fan, was new to hockey and had never even laced up a pair of hockey skates when he joined our family. Over the last few years Trevor’s interest in hockey has steadily grown to the point where he’s joined a league near his home in southern Colorado.

A quick learner, this passionate new player is growing leaps and bounds on the hockey rink.  The exhibition game at the Pepsi Center was a reward for the two teams that generated the most donations at the annual DAWG Bowl.  As a reward, the Avalanche graciously offered the Old DAWGs and the Army of Darkness the opportunity to skate where the big boys play.  I saw this as great opportunity to take the ice with Trevor for the first time and was able to add him to our roster…….so Trevor became an “Old DAWG” for day!  Despite being a few years away from actually qualifying as an “Old DAWG”, Trevor fit in great with our team of wise cracking veterans.

The Old DAWGs escaped with a 3-2 win but my memory will also be of skating with Trevor for the first time.  To top things off we even had NHL legend, Peter McNab behind the bench for this one!

The game was something I will always remember, but perhaps the best thing about Trevor is his heart and generosity.  In the past couple of years he has become a large part of DAWG Nation and can been seen volunteering at virtually all of our events.  Now a DAWG Nation Ambassador, Trevor carries the DAWG Nation touch in Colorado Springs area and is perhaps the Nation’s hardest working volunteer.

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