A Thank You from the Schmidtmann’s


To all of you at DAWG Nation Hockey that helped to support us, and who gave us such wonderful (and fluffy!) gifts yesterday, we just want to again give you our heartfelt thanks, and a quick Watson update.

The little fella has already attended his first hockey game, and he’s quite the good luck charm we think, as both our rec’ hockey team and the Av’s won last night! Charlie and I talked this morning, and we want to be sure to continue our goal to pay things forward, as we have received such an outpouring of support since the Cold Springs Fire. Watson has such a loving and mellow disposition, and seems to take things in stride. We feel he is a great candidate to become a therapy dog, and to help us share the love and happiness he is already bringing to us with others that are struggling. We would love to share our efforts with the DAWG Nation family; perhaps he can do a little work at some of your events once his training is coming along? In any case, we will keep you posted on Watson’s progress, and try to update his Facebook page on a regular basis. Thank you so much for your kindness.

Much love,
Charlie and Bretlyn Schmidtmann
(and Clyde, of course!)

Watson’s Facebook Page

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