A Night in Eagles Country


Another memorable night, this time at the Budweiser Event Center for a some Eagles playoff action and an opportunity to lift up a young man that could use a little boost. A week ago Ben Bradley reached out to me sharing a story about a thirteen year old that recently lost his dad to cancer. Ben was hoping I could join he and Stephen for a boys night out and maybe sprinkle a little “Cappy Magic” on the evening.
Stephen has had several roadblocks in his young life and luckily there are people like Ben that are willing to open their hearts, risk being vulnerable, and share their own difficult experiences as a way to unselfishly help heal those that need it most.
The amazing night was made possible by the generosity of many, led by Ryan Bach and the Colorado Eagles. Along the way the night was made even more memorable by Les Borsheim, Kevin McGlue , Peter Budaj, and several others.
Oh, and by the way, the Eagles did their part with a thrilling 3-2 victory!

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