A Message From Dave and Amanda


The following note was handed to DAWG Nation President, Martin Richardson, before the Dave Repsher benefit on Saturday, January 9th, by Dave’s mother. She requested we read this powerful note to the audience as an acknowledgment and thanks to everyone that have done so much for this special family.


In life there are moments that you cherish. Dave and I are fortunate enough to have had so many of those moments in our lives. We both hope for and look forward to experiencing many more in the future. Every day that Dave and I get to spend together now is a cherished moment and a blessing.

Not everyone gets to have what we have in our lives. We have so many friends and family who love us so much. You all have been there for us and have shared your love and support. Even in the darkest hours, there is hope if you believe.

What a gift in life it is to realize that love is what truly matters and to be blessed with it as we have been.

Dave and I would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support as we face each new day one day at a time. Thank you to the DAWG Nation Hockey Foundation team and for everyone involved in this incredible event. Dave and I are so humbled and would like you to know how grateful we are that you all are in our lives.

Now smile and do a cheer as you think of us! We want to see you celebrating when we watch the videotape.

Dave and Amanda Repsher

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